Sunday, June 25, 2017


"This is a pirate crew and they're getting their clothes on.  Then there was an army tank shooting outside."  Brendan

"Me and Promise were watching the butterfly putting a present by the castle."  Aaiza

"I was playing with my mermaid doll at my Nans."  Hailey

"I went to my friends house to play lego."  Carlos

"I am going to the shop to get some Burger King to eat."  Nathan

"Me and Reemos are the army tanks shooting the other army."  Kohatu

"Me and Carlos was playing at the park and my brother came with my Mum and my baby cousin and we played hide and go seek."  Hezekiah

"Me and my Dad went to the two dollars shop to buy a spikey sword.  At the two dollars shop in my car I open my sword in my car to play in my home and I play with my sword on Monday, all day."  Chris

"Me and my friends are princess's and mermaids and we had babies and then one of us lived in a castle all lived in the water with our babies and we ate some food and we went to sleep."  Promise

"My friends went to space in a rocket ship and the tanks are shooting."  Reemos

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Visit with Harold

Yesterday and today we visited the Life Education truck and our friend Harold the Giraffee.  We learnt the nine essential needs of our bodies;
Water and Washing

 Watching Harold and the amazing starry night then sunrise

Harold told us a joke "Why did the banana go to hospital?"   "Because it wasn't peeling well!"
We got to tickle Harold on his chin.

We talked about ways to keep ourselves safe-play with a trusted adult watching for example...

Andrea showing us the children wearing safety gear on their bikes to protect themselves

Harold's Poem

Everytime you look at the starry sky remember how unique and special you are!

Sunday, April 30, 2017


"Me and my sister are playing at home with the ball and we had so much fun."  Promise

"Me and Whaea Janine are picking flowers."  Hine-Taonga

"Yesterday I went to the shop and brought bricks."  Accis

"The eagle is getting some apples from the apple tree."  James

"We went to the Cheifs game.  We were on seats and eating chocolate and crackers and chips."  Nathan

"In the holidays I raced the car"  Chris

"Skippyjon jones went to kill the dragon to save the princess."  Hailey

"We found some rocks in the park and we went home to play Minecraft." Carlos

"I am at my Dads and we went to Trampoline World."  Lily

"Skippyjon Jones gave a flower to his Mum then went to chase the dragon/"  Brendan

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Reading Activities

During Reading the children rotate round various activities including reading big books, Alphabet Bingo, Buddy Reading and learning letters and new sight words on the whiteboards.


Tuesday, April 4, 2017


"I am playing with my Dad and we are playing tag"  By Hezekiah

"Me and my brother are playing with the ball."  By Promise

"The person in the book is at school because his son has a toy with a giant straw."  By Brendan

"The seal and the warrior flew on top of the hill." By Kohatu

"Whaea Janine is playing Princesses with Hine Taonga."  By Hine-Taonga

"This is Whaea Janine and me.  We are playing Princesses and Fairies."  By Aiza

"Me and Promise was going to the field."  By Accis

"My Dad brought me a drink and a pie cause I was hungry."  By Nathan

"This is my brother's name and writing some letters."  By Reemos

"The rock, he pushed rock away and it go down."  By Carlos