Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Basketball with Youthtown

We have been taken for Basketball skills lessons by Matua John from Youthtown each Thursday of this Term.  We have been practicing our dribbling, our chest, bounce and push passes as well as aiming to get a goal in a hoop.  This has been so much fun, check out us giving it heaps below...

Congratulations on Quick 60!

Whaea Hayley has been working with these children to learn the initial sounds in the Alphabet and they have now completed the programme! Well done!

Information Communication Technology and Mathletics

We have been using the new Chrome Books to play maths games on the Mathletics site, this is a school wide initiative and the children are experiencing lots of success with the programme...

Thursday, August 17, 2017


Today with our visitors from Room Two-Ariana, Arielle, Ella-Rose and Hohepa we worked on a phonics worksheet and completed the words, this gave children the opportunity to develop awareness of initial sounds in common words.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Crafts and class pics

Our craft table has been popular, children mastering the glue gun, here is Brendan with his bird, love the beak!

Kohatu with his creation

Accis, Hine-taonga, Brendan and Aaiza playing Alphabet Bingo during Reading time

Kohatu, Chris, Carlos, Nathan and Hezekiah drawing their reading response activities with our new felts! Yay for Art Budgets!!!

Welcome to Josiah!

What a cool surprise another amazing kid has joined our class, a big welcome to Josiah whose family has moved from Huntly to Turangi, lucky us! You have settled into our class of 14 like a dream :)
Nga mihi mahana, Whaea Janine

Sunday, June 25, 2017


"This is a pirate crew and they're getting their clothes on.  Then there was an army tank shooting outside."  Brendan

"Me and Promise were watching the butterfly putting a present by the castle."  Aaiza

"I was playing with my mermaid doll at my Nans."  Hailey

"I went to my friends house to play lego."  Carlos

"I am going to the shop to get some Burger King to eat."  Nathan

"Me and Reemos are the army tanks shooting the other army."  Kohatu

"Me and Carlos was playing at the park and my brother came with my Mum and my baby cousin and we played hide and go seek."  Hezekiah

"Me and my Dad went to the two dollars shop to buy a spikey sword.  At the two dollars shop in my car I open my sword in my car to play in my home and I play with my sword on Monday, all day."  Chris

"Me and my friends are princess's and mermaids and we had babies and then one of us lived in a castle all lived in the water with our babies and we ate some food and we went to sleep."  Promise

"My friends went to space in a rocket ship and the tanks are shooting."  Reemos